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The Paine Protection Group is a fully licensed, professional Investigation agency. 

We provide a wide array of services: Surveillance, Private Investigation, Executive Protection,
Workplace protection. We pride ourselves in servicing Corporations and Individuals
by following the highest security standards and facilitating the latest in security technology.


We cover the following areas in detail:

Investigations: Executive Protection:
Skip Trace
Personal Injury
Insurance Fraud
Landlord / Tenant Screening
Missing Persons / Runaways
Child Custody
Mate Screening
Child Care Facilities
Celebrity & VIP Protection
Corporate Executives
Stalking Victims
Victims of Domestic Violence
Asset Transport
Corporate Events
Family and Estate Protection
Anti Wiretapping
Safe Room Design
Surveillance: Workplace Protection:
Domestic / Infidelity
Child Custody / Safety
Workers Compensation
General Liability Defense
Loss Prevention
Aerial and Marine Surveillance
Workplace Violence Prevention
Risk Management
Hostile Termination
Vulnerability Assessment
Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, South West Florida Executive Protection
Naples Private Investigator, Fort Myers Private Investigator
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